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Founded in February 2001, CIMDAT is a factory specializing in cutting boards. CIMDAT is the manufacturer of joist (Rimboard) for Norbord's North-Eastern Canada, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes and Northeast United States.


Leaders are positionning CIMDAT as the industry leader in cutting special forest products and more specifically in the cut to size of panels.


In the heart of Val d’Or’s industrial park, the CIMDAT plant is located near major wood panels’ producers namely Norbord Industries (OSB) and Uniboard (particle board) and one street off the major Trans-Canadian Highway 117.


Our company offers customized cut to size panels as lump sum and / or retail packages, to our customers.  The mill is equipped with two automated gang-saw ensuring “on time” delivery.


The auxiliary services such as painting, stamping, identification, and strapping are part of the production lines, which also includes check paint quality control. The layout design ensures the full respect of environmental regulations as well as workers’ health and safety.


CIMDAT is responsible for quality control and shipping for the above mentioned panel manufacturers. The employees are working with specialized equipment, and awaiting validation of technological applications in automation. The leaders of CIMDAT are proud of the continuous improvement process which is part of the global vision. 

We talk about CIMDAT...

  • Canada's and oeverseas achievements
  • Trophy Winner - Investment 500 000$ and less - 2012
  • La ré Newspaper article - 2010
  • Winner of the young enterprise trophy - 2003
  • Donation to Val-d'Or Hospital Center


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